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Regain your mobility with a physical therapist

October 21, 2022

October is national physical therapy month and President of the Florida Physical Therapy Association, Dr. Thomas Eberle, joined Inside South Florida to share the benefits of working with a physical therapist.

“Physical therapists work with the human movement system. The human movement system is everything in the body that corresponds to movement, including the cardiovascular, pulmonary and endocrine system,” says Eberle. “Physical therapists also work with the normal movement systems, including the bones, muscles and joints.”

A physical therapist can treat a wide range of age groups, professions and illnesses.

I've treated professional athlete to everyday people. I’ve also treated patients with low back and neck pain. Other physical therapists and colleagues of mine work with kids,” says Eberle. “Since COVID-19, we're working in hospital’s intensive care units and skilled nursing facilities to help patients move, breathe and walk properly.”

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