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FPTA Member Spotlight: CarriAnn German

Where do you practice?

I work at Orlando Health Institute for Advanced Rehabilitation Outpatient Neuro Clinic near downtown Orlando.

Tell us about your practice.

I have been a neuro-focused physical therapist for the past 9 years and have experience with patients across the spectrum of care, and just became a Board-Certified Neurological Clinical Specialist this year! I love the outpatient setting. In the clinic at Orlando Health, we see people with spinal cord injuries, strokes, brain injuries, vestibular disorders, post concussion, and do fall prevention/balance training. My area of focus is in working with people post stroke and brain injury, and I specialize in implementing high intensity gait training. I really enjoy the opportunity to challenge my patients, encourage their engagement in their rehab plan, and track their progress with outcome measures. Recently, I have been learning more about vestibular disorders and post concussion impairments, and I enjoy working with those patients as well.

What led you to become a physical therapist?

As a high school athlete, I experienced the benefits of physical therapy when recovering from sports-related injuries. During PT school, thought I wanted to go into ortho/sports, but found my passion for medically complex neuro patients on an ICU rotation. So for my first job, I worked in acute care neuro and continued to seek out education and experience in the neuro speciality.

What’s your favorite thing about being a PT?

Seeing what we do in physical therpy translate into unlocking new functional independence in a patient's daily life will never get old! I love that teaching a patient to get on and off the floor means they can play with their grandkids again, working on balance on uneven surfaces means they can walk across their yard to check the garden, and pushing hard on the treadmill means they don't get out of breath walking to their neighbor's house. I get to feel purposeful and track measurable differences in my patient's abilities every week! It is a true gift to be a part of each individuals recovery journey.


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