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My Pelvic PT Journey


Pelvic physical therapy has been trending for awhile among my "mom friends" in suburban Tampa. Some said it was helping their lower back pain, some said it help their hip pain, some said they could do jumping jacks now, and some said they were too nervous to try. The timing was convenient as I was heading into my 6-week postpartum doctor's appointment. I was looking forward to this appointment as I am a workout and movement fiend, so was hoping to get clearance to start truly moving again. My OB knows this about me and recognizes that movement is important to my physical AND mental health. Upon giving me clearance, she also immediately recommended I visit a Pelvic PT to treat my very minor diastasis recti and learn how to work WITH my healing body vs. against it. My PT, Eva, helped me connect with my new body immensely. Through a series of 4 sessions, over 6 weeks, I learned exercises (with modifications and progressions) to help me build strength safely. It gave me an overwhelming confidence to know how to move in a way that is healing and not harmful. My physical therapy journey, although not long, has been very impactful. I feel empowered to grow and supported every step of the way. When I take my trainings to the next level, I do a check-in with Eva to ensure I keep progressing safely and prevent injury. Now, I am part of the "moms" praising how pelvic PT has impacted me.


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