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FPTA Spotlight: Kaiwen Wu, DPT Student at Nova Southeastern University

Where do you go to school?

I attend Nova Southeastern University’s Doctor of Physical Therapy Program and will graduate in May 2025.

Tell us about your studies.

I am currently starting my 3rd year of the program. During my time at PT school, I wanted to be involved as much as possible. So I accepted and enjoy several roles and responsibilities, including: Treasurer of my class, FPTA SSIG Secretary, and co-organizing the 2024 FPTA Student Conclave. Specialties in physical therapy that interest me include orthopedics, lymphedema, and travel physical therapy. I plan on pursuing an orthopedic residency after graduating.

What led you to want to become a PT?

Although common amongst pre-PT students, I pursued physical therapy as a career due to my passion for exercising and weightlifting, as well as my interest in the anatomy and physiology of the human body. 

What’s your favorite thing about PT?

My favorite thing about PT is the ability to push my patient past their mental/physical boundaries and show them that their pain/condition is not the end all be all. Being able to see a patient’s progress in real time and watching their confidence and mood levels increase is something that will never cease to warm my heart.


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