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FPTA Spotlight: Uzair "Z" Hammad, PT, DPT

Where do you practice?

I currently practice at Orlando Health's Advanced Rehabilitation Institute- Outpatient Center

Tell us about your practice.

I specialize in treating stroke, vestibular, concussion, and spinal cord injury patients however the spinal cord injury population is definitely my favorite! We see patients from across the board in regard to functional capacity and type of neurological impairments and hope to assist each patient in maximizing their functional potential through evidence based practice. I am sitting to obtain my NCS this month.

What led you to become a physical therapist?

I became a physical therapist because I wanted to help people get their lives back! It obviously takes a multidisciplinary approach to care for our patients; but to our patients "living" is more than just "being alive". Patients want their independence back and truly learn to value the human movement system throughout their time with therapy. As a Physical therapist I get to walk my patients step by step down the path towards getting their life back after a life altering incident, and there is nothing that brings me more joy ! I believe there truly is no other healthcare profession that gets to connect with patients the way we do as therapist, we get to know them as a whole person and more than just a diagnosis which is an invaluable piece of healthcare.

What’s your favorite thing about being a PT?

My favorite thing about being a PT is the value I'm able to provide to my patients and their families lives. As mentioned previously the bond we formulate with the humans we touch is irreplaceable. We help people during the most challenging times of their lives, after their entire world just got turned upside down, and we show them all the amazing things their capable of achieving. Things that they wouldn't have even imagined they'd achieve again. I love being able to teach spinal cord injured patients how to regain their independence, get onto the floor to play with their kids, or navigate their WC up or down stairs to show them there is no barrier they can't overcome. As a PT we provide a service no other profession can provide, which is truly helping our patients live a life worth living.


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